Rats Help You Go Wireless, Not In a Good Way

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Rats Help You Go Wireless

Traitor. Double-Crosser. Snitch. Rats get a bad rap—these are just some of the personality types associated with rats that appear to be more human than rodent. But maybe, just maybe, rats deserve some grief. When you go out to start your car, get nothing but a click, and find out rats ate through your wires?… Read more »

What is the difference between auto maintenance and repair?

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If you’re a car owner, it’s critical to know the difference between auto maintenance and auto repair. Both of these things are important to the overall performance, but they have different functions. Maintenance is regular service that is required for your vehicle while auto repairs are performed when your vehicle is not functioning properly. Your… Read more »

Auto Repair Versus Buying a New Car

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When your car needs repairs, it’s always tempting to consider purchasing a new vehicle. It’s tough to pay money to fix your older model, leaving you wondering – is it better to spend less money more often on repairs over time, or spend lots of money all at once on a new car? Well, it’s… Read more »

Be Aware: Low-Speed Pre-Ignition and Oil Issues

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A recent survey of auto technicians and shop owners has shown that 58% are aware of a problem with the low-speed pre-ignition events in car models with turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engines, such as those made by Kia, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Buick. The issue is that engine oil is causing the engine to be more sensitive… Read more »

The Magic Box

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We often receive calls from customers looking for an estimate. They are concerned about a fee to test why their vehicle’s check engine light came on, especially when the car is running fine. Their neighbor or Dad or Grandpa came over and offered advice and a diagnosis of what he thought it might be. Back… Read more »