Engine ReplacementEven if you perform the regularly scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, an engine replacement may eventually be needed. As the most important part of your vehicle, it seems like an engine is often built to be indestructible, but the fact is, it doesn’t take much to muck up the works and cause your engine to need to be replaced. Whether it’s a cracked block, warped cylinders, or foreign debris that causes the engine to stop working, when your car won’t go, it’s hard for you to get anything done.

The experts you need when a new engine is on the menu for your vehicle is Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, WA. We have the experience, expertise, quality service, and guarantees you’re looking for to ensure you can continue to drive right and enjoy the ride in your vehicle. While the replacing of an engine is an expensive repair, we will do everything we can to allow you to pay less and have the most affordable repair possible for your vehicle when you bring it in.

Expert Auto Repair

As you turn to Central Avenue Automotive for the repairs needed for your vehicle, if the work that needs to be done is going to take a long time, we will help you continue with your day by offering you a ride to your next destination in the Kent area. When the work can be completed quickly, you can enjoy the calm and inviting waiting area while your vehicle is being fixed. If an engine replacement is what needs to be done, you’ll likely be offered a ride to where you need to go as well as the affordable option of a used engine.

When you choose to have an engine installed that’s been in action previously, instead of a new engine for the replacement you need, the team at Central Avenue Automotive will certify the used item and make sure it’s going to last you a long time. Most of the time, an engine only needs to be changed out once in the life of a car, so this is a rare vehicle expense.

Thankfully, you won’t be faced with the need for an engine replacement very often, especially if you trust the team at Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, WA to perform the regularly scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. Bring your car in and get this relationship started with the experts who know how to take care of your ride. With twenty years of experience in the automotive industry, you’re going to be glad you came in to see our experienced crew with your vehicle.