New MotorWhen one of the systems of your vehicle stops working, you might need a new motor for that part of the model you love to drive. While most of us think there is only one motor under the hood, the engine, there are actually more. In order to make your vehicle operate the right way, there are several different motors in place that help make things work the right way. Your air conditioning system, fuel pump, starter, and other items all make use of some type of motor that allows that part of your vehicle to work right.

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It’s frustrating when a motor stops working. For example, if you’re caught in a rainstorm and the motor for the wipers stop working. The team at Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, WA can offer you a certified used motor to replace the one that has failed you suddenly. You’ll be able to get back on the road quickly with the replacement installed.

The need to replace a car motor is something that can be easily diagnosed by the team at Central Avenue Automotive, and some of the motors for the systems of your vehicle are fairly easy to access while others are much more difficult. Let this team examine your vehicle and discuss the work that’s going to need to be done when a new motor is installed in your vehicle. Once the problem is assessed, we can discuss how long it will take to fix.

Central Avenue Automotive offers a complete list of services. Whether you need us to install a used motor to replace one that no longer operates or you just need to have an oil change done, you’re going to be amazed by the professionalism and expertise offered.

There are several different systems of your vehicle that require a motor to operate right for you on a daily basis. When a new motor is needed for some of these systems, you need to let the professional team at Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, WA take care of the repair work for you. Schedule an appointment today for your next service.