For vehicle owners in search of a Volkswagen Specialist in the Renton area, Central Avenue Automotive may be the answer. We are located close by in Kent, right off major roadways and a ten minute drive from most parts of Renton. Our goal is to provide dealership-level service at an affordable price.

As a mark of excellence, our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). This means they have passed a rigorous examination that evaluates knowledge in all areas of vehicle diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. Our technicians understand that Volkswagen service and VW repair require a special touch. Diesel engines, while they provide many advantages, also have specialized maintenance requirements. A Volkswagen specialist, like the technicians in our Renton area facility, needs to be very familiar with diesel engines. Central Avenue Automotive is proud to be an ASE certified service center, and we welcome the opportunity to work on diesel engines.
To keep your car running its best and minimize costly Volkswagen service, have our technicians perform scheduled seasonal inspection and maintenance. Winter and summer make heavy demands on your vehicle, and it is important that your vehicle be evaluated at the beginning and end of these seasons. Fall and spring, while they do not have the extremes of temperature, make their own demands on your vehicle. Excellent traction is required for driving in all seasons, as heavy precipitation and other unpredictable road conditions are always a possibility.

Volkswagen maintenance is simplified by the lack of electrical ignition components in diesel engines. However, regular maintenance of all other systems is essential, particularly filter changes and fluid top-ups. Of course, non-engine components such as tires and wiper blades require regular inspection, maintenance, and repair.

Central Avenue Automotive is conveniently located at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A in Kent, convenient to Renton. Give us a call or stop by today and experience our expert, friendly specialist service for yourself.

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