If you are noticing potential signs of a leaking radiator in Des Moines, bring your vehicle in to Central Avenue Automotive. We are skilled and experienced in automotive diagnosis, maintenance, and repair.

Automobile radiators frequently experience leaks. There are many places where the radiator may leak and many different signs an issue. If you are observing any of the signs of a leaking radiator, bring your car in to our Des Moines area auto repair facility as soon as possible. Acting quickly will restore your vehicle’s performance and prevent more costly complication down the road. Frequent car maintenance will minimize the likelihood of future radiator leaks and other problems.

One sign of a leaking radiator is a sudden drop in the coolant level in the coolant reservoir. Normally, keeping the correct coolant levels is just a matter of topping off the fluid whenever you go in for routine car maintenance. Rapidly dropping coolant levels often indicates that the coolant is leaking. A puddle of bright green, viscous fluid on the ground under your vehicle is a sign that your radiator may be leaking. Aside from the engine performance complications from the loss of fluid, this fluid is toxic. Absorb any fluid with kitty litter or a similar substance, safely dispose of it, and bring your vehicle in for diagnosis and auto repair.
Discoloration of the radiator itself, or parts adjacent to the radiator, may indicate a leak. The fluid reacts with heated surfaces, resulting in discoloration or even corrosion. One other sign of a radiator leak doesn’t even require looking under the hood — if your engine frequently overheats, a leaking radiator may be the cause. Leaks often result from damaged, faulty, or aged radiator hoses, not the radiator itself. Regardless of the location of the leak, our experienced service technicians will fix it up and get you back on the road.

Central Avenue Automotive is located just 15 minutes from Des Moines, at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A in Kent. When your vehicle is experiencing a leaking radiator, we will get you back on the road to Des Moines as soon as possible, at a fair price, and with a smile.

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