Subaru Specialist in RentonFor vehicle owners looking for a Subaru specialist in Renton, Central Avenue Automotive is a great alternative to the dealership for maintenance and repairs. We are just a short drive away from Renton, but a world away in service.

Subaru vehicles are valued for their great winter driving performance. Standard all-wheel drive and cold weather options and accessories such as heated mirrors, seats, and wiper blades make winter driving almost a pleasure. However, it is important that Subaru service include spring, fall, and especially summer seasonal maintenance as well. If you need Subaru repair, our skilled technicians will provide the best service possible.

Keeping your tires properly inflated in the summer can be challenging. When tires warm during use on hot days, tires can appear overinflated, leading motorists checking their own pressure to incorrectly release air. Underinflated tires often result, which may lead to unexpected tire failure. However, truly overinflated tires may result in uneven tire wear and compromised handling and stopping. The best way to keep your tires properly inflated is frequent checks by a qualified auto repair technician. Our Subaru specialist technicians in our auto repair shop convenient to Renton are skilled in tire inspection, repair, and maintenance.

Rain is less frequent in the summer than in the spring, but summer thunderstorms can be sudden, intense, and violent. Torrential downpours and street flooding often result. Having properly balanced tires with adequate tread is essential to navigate these storms. Wiper blades in peak condition are required to clear heavy rainfall and maintain a safe level of visibility. Cracked, worn, or misaligned wiper blades won’t do the job well. Wiper blades are often in poor condition after the extreme cold, heavy usage, and chemical contact of winter. Replacement of wiper blades is an important part of Subaru service.

Battery failures are surprisingly common during hot weather. While extreme cold may cause cars not to start, hot weather actually causes heavier battery wear than cold weather. A battery test at the beginning of the summer driving season is recommended, especially if you have any long trips planned.

Central Avenue Automotive is located just 10 minutes from Renton, at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A in Kent. For Subaru repair and maintenance, we want to be your auto shop of choice, and we are confident that our great service and reasonable pricing will win your business.

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