New rubber tireThe TPMS light is an important signal that your tire inflation is not right. That little horseshoe light is nothing to ignore; under- or over-inflated tires can cause uneven wear, hazardous driving conditions, and possible tire failure. Avoid an accident and bring your car into Central Avenue Automotive where we can check for tire damage and inflate your tires to proper levels.

Same goes for the MIL lamp, or Malfunction Indicator Lamp. Often known as the “check engine light”, it’s another dashboard warning that should never be ignored. It can indicate something as minor as a missing gas cap or as major as a transmission failure. Since the problem can vary so greatly, the sooner you bring your vehicle in to be checked, the better chance you have of avoiding a serious issue.

Don’t Ignore Your Warning Lights

Warning lights like the MIL lamp should never be ignored. They are there for an important reason – safety. Engine or tire failure can result in an accident, potentially injuring yourself or others, as well as your vehicle. A quick visit to our shop can eliminate this threat and get your vehicle back in good working condition once again. Even a simple tire pressure check after the TPMS light goes on can save you a lot of stress in the future.

Call us today at (253) 854-6762 to schedule your service appointment. Whether it’s your TPMS light, another dashboard warning, or you’re overdue for routine maintenance, we are ready to take care of you. Your car or truck is in expert hands here at Central Avenue Automotive!

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