Transmission RepairAre you in need of transmission repair because your vehicle has stopped shifting properly?Don’t worry, Central Avenue Automotive can help you get back on the road. Whether you need major or minor transmission repairs, our team has the expertise you need. Our auto shop has been in business for twenty years and has a long track record of satisfied customers!

Transmission Repair You Can Trust

When you hear the word that your vehicle is going to need a new transmission, you might cringe at the thought of the expense. The team a Central Avenue Automotive certainly understands the cost associated with this major repair and will do everything they can to help reduce the price while making certain you have a transmission that will work great for you. Every service performed by our team offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty for parts and labor to give you the peace of mind needed for this repair.

If your transmission is completely kaput and you need a new one, there are ways to reduce the cost. You could have a used transmission installed in your vehicle to replace the old one. The team at Central Avenue Automotive will certify the used part that can be right for your vehicle and make this repair much more affordable for you. Not many other repair shops will offer a transmission repair that can be completed with used and certified parts, but Central Automotive isn’t your everyday shop; we are committed to our customer and local community.

Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, WA knows your vehicle and what you need when you’re driving around the area. Turn to them when you need regular service or when your car won’t shift or move any longer and is in need of a transmission repair service. From repairing your current transmission, installing a used one, or installing a new transmission, we will get your car running smoothly again. We offer a friendly environment, professional experience, and the peace of mind you’re looking for when it’s time to have your vehicle taken care of. Come in today.