Are you a car owner searching for a Volkswagen specialist in Des Moines? Then consider Central Avenue Automotive in nearby Kent. Our ASE technicians understand the challenges of Volkswagen service, as well as the benefits of owning and driving these vehicles.
A frequent challenge when arranging Volkswagen service is the relatively uncommon use of diesel in automobiles and light trucks in the United States. Diesel fuel offers several advantages over gasoline, including improved gas mileage without any compromise in performance. Even at current diesel prices, these vehicles are usually more cost effective to operate. Diesel engine vehicles also have some advantage in maintenance over gasoline powered vehicles. Diesel engines typically last longer than gasoline engines without requiring major repairs. They also never require ignition tune-ups due to the configuration of this system. However, when your vehicle does require VW repair, you want to find a service facility that you can trust. Central Avenue Automotive is proud to be a Volkswagen specialist in the Des Moines area. Our technicians don’t just understand diesel engines, they love working on them.

Diesel engines contain no electrical ignition components, greatly cutting down on required periodic maintenance. Oil and filter changes, and fluid top-ups, do remain essential to the performance and reliability of Volkswagen cars and trucks, just like in any vehicle. Of course, you can never neglect the tires. Regular rotation and replacement when tread wear is excessive are very important for performance and safety.

Central Avenue Automotive is located just 15 minutes from Des Moines at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A in Kent. We are just a short drive away from Des Moines, but a world away in service. Stop by or give us a call today and let us familiarize you with our great VW repair and maintenance offerings.

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