Warning Light HondaHas the warning light come on, on your Honda? Honda’s new Maintenance Minder system is designed to save drivers time and money by letting this intelligent system display when maintenance is due, as opposed to a rigid recommended maintenance time/mileage schedule.

How Warning Lights Help

Although many oil change stations recommend getting the oil changed every 3,000 miles, newer and more efficient cars have made this number obsolete. Many Hondas can now go about 6,000 miles in between oil changes. That’s one way the warning light system on your Honda saves money – instead of going every 3,000 miles, wait until the light informs you that maintenance is due. This smart system will evaluate your driving habits, climate, and other factors to determine when the vehicle is ready for maintenance.

Another benefit to the Maintenance Minder system is the decrease in trips to the mechanic. This smart system will evaluate when you need service and group together services if possible, so you don’t need to make multiple trips close together. For instance, if it’s time for an oil change and almost time to replace the engine coolant, the Maintenance Minder will activate the appropriate warning light on your Honda to get both services done at once, saving you the time and hassle of an additional trip. If the message service or service due now does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the oil every year.

Is your Honda warning light on?

There are many different codes, but a trained Honda auto shop can decode them for you. For example, an A code means that your needs an oil change. A B code means your car needs an oil change, oil filter, and inspections for the brakes and other systems. There are sub codes as well. For example, a Honda Service 1 light means it’s time to rotate the tires and check the pressure and condition of your wheels.

Not sure what a code means? That’s OK! Bring your vehicle in. Our team of auto professionals is experienced in Honda maintenance and can easily read the codes and complete the necessary work. If your Honda warning light is on, don’t delay. Bring your car to the best Honda service shop in the Kent area – Central Avenue Automotive!