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Blown Car MotorYou may have seen a car smoking on the side of the road and heard, “oh, the motor is blown”. Or your own vehicle may have broken down and are now fearing that your engine is blown. What does it mean when a motor is blown? Let’s explain.

There are several things that can happen to an engine that can lead to the statement, “the motor is blown”. There is no one way to blow an engine, but it refers to a motor that has suffered catastrophic internal mechanical damage. An engine doesn’t actually blow up, even though there may be smoke, steam, or rarely even fire. The damage is so extensive that it affects the majority of the engine parts. There can be several issues including a cracked block, destroyed pistons, or busted intake and exhaust valves. Sometimes a valve breaks and punches through the top of a piston. The broken valve will cause incredibly hot, pressurized oil and smoke to shoot out of the top of the engine. This requires a complete engine replacement.

A blown engine can be expensive and in many cases necessitates a complete engine replacement. In the case of an older vehicle, this could be more than the value of the car itself. It’s important to take good care of your car, specifically your engine, to prevent the motor blowing.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is critical for preventing a blown engine. Regular oil changes are critical to keeping your engine well lubricated and running smoothly. Extended periods of high speed driving and pushing your vehicle past recommended RPM levels are detrimental to your engine, and aftermarket turbo charging kits when used incorrectly can lead to issues. It’s important to use maintain and drive your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the manual.

If you are experiencing any early symptoms of engine problems, it’s important to consult a mechanic as soon as possible. Some signs may be uncommon engine knocks, low oil pressure, your car frequently overheating, or your vehicle is hard to start. If you car has any of these issues, or you need regular auto maintenance, let Central Avenue Automotive help. Call us today!