Car Brake RepairYou can always find quality car brake repair that Auburn residents have trusted for years when you visit our shop. We take pride in always having ASE certified employees who are eager to learn, listen, and assist customers regarding our auto services. Our technicians demonstrate competencies specific to car brake repair and diagnosis, and also know the nuances of brake systems among the various auto manufacturers. For example: car brake repair on GM vehicles is very important because they’re larger vehicles with larger tires. On steep hills, GMs will not have the ability brake quickly or stop on a dime like a smaller car would. This is essential knowledge for working with these vehicles.

Quality Brake Repair Tailored to Your Needs

Brake service on Ford vehicles is also extremely important because they don’t have brake warning systems showing early brake problems, and regular brake service is required to avoid metal touching metal; resulting in an expensive brake repair. Chrysler SUVs and Minivans require brake repair every 15K miles. Smaller vehicles are quicker to respond when the brake pedal is applied because they are lighter in weight and the wheels are smaller.

Since car brake repair is so incredibly important to keep your Auburn, WA area family, friends, and co-workers safe, visit Central Avenue Automotive today for a brake inspection. If we find any brake problems, we will let you know so you can make a decision about your car brake repair options as well as brake rotor replacement. In addition to brake work, we’re a full-service auto repair shop that works on many makes and models of vehicle, from economy through luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs. We’ll be happy to write you in for scheduled maintenance whenever needed or perform any necessary repairs.

Click here to contact Central Avenue Automotive near Auburn, WA, or give us a call at (253) 854-6762 if you would like to schedule an appointment for brake repair, an oil change, or any of our other auto repair services. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with high-quality, reliable car brake repair.


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