Check engine

Nothing has the potential to spoil a busy or fun day like a check engine light Mini Cooper. Do not worry a second longer than you need to! Bring your vehicle into Central Avenue Automotive for a quick and reliable diagnosis. While a check engine light does not require that you immediately stop driving your vehicle and have it towed, it is best to have the necessary Mini Cooper Service on the engine done soon at our Kent Wa automotive repair facility. Central Avenue Automotive is proud to be a friendly and high quality independent repair shop. This allows us to offer the best service for less, every day.

Your Trusted Mini Cooper Service Shop

The check engine light is designed to alert the owner of a Mini Cooper or other vehicle that there is an issue with the vehicle’s operation. When this light is illuminated, the vehicle has generated, read, and stored a diagnostic code. This code identifies the system in the vehicle that is not functioning within the acceptable parameters. Reading the code and identifying the precise cause is the first step in getting you back on the road with confidence. The cause may be something as simple as a damaged gas cap gasket, or it may be a more serious issue such as a defective oxygen sensor. Whatever the cause, bringing your Mini Cooper in for service on the engine soon to a reliable Kent Wa shop is essential. Left unresolved, even minor issues can become major (and expensive) repairs.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our conveniently located shop. Just come on down to 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A, in Kent. If you prefer to make an appointment online, just visit our website and fill our our convenient request form. We will be back in contact with you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. Do not continue to drive and worry when the check engine light comes on in your Mini Cooper or other vehicle. Whether the problem turns out to be big or small, one call to Central Avenue Automotive does it all. Come and see us every 5,000 miles for an oil change to keep your Mini Cooper running its best. We also provided suspension repairs, brakes, oil change and more.

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