If you are noticing signs of a leaking radiator in the Renton area and require diagnosis and repair, consider Central Avenue Automotive in nearby Kent. Regardless of your vehicle’s age, mileage, and overall condition, radiator leaks are always a possibility. Regular car maintenance will minimize the possibility of a vehicle breakdown, but every vehicle will require auto repair at some point in time. If your vehicle is inoperable, first get it to a safe place, then call for a tow. If you do not have roadside coverage, we would be happy to coordinate pick-up by a reliable towing company.

Often, a radiator leak can be traced to a leaky hose or other fitting. Checking and tightening the connections is a great first step and may solve the problem, but there are other potential issues that compromise radiator performance and may cause leaks. While leaks are a problem in and of themselves, they are often also a symptom of an underlying, potentially more serious, issue. If you are experiencing or suspect a leaking radiator and live in the Renton area, bring your vehicle to Central Avenue Automotive for diagnosis and repair.

Another common cause of radiator damage and leaks is corrosion. This can be minimized by replacing the coolant on a regular schedule, but once the damage has been done action is required. Corrosion, if not promptly addressed, can cause small holes throughout the radiator. These may be invisible to the eye, but can be detected by a simple pressure test. Another cause of compromised radiator performance is bent or otherwise damaged fins. Misshapen fins prevent air from flowing over the fins and cooling water inside the radiator, reducing its ability to cool effectively. Fin damage can occur when small objects (such as rocks or other debris) are hit by your vehicle or kicked up by other vehicles. It can also occur during home repairs, or even careless professional service (another reason to look for certified ASE technicians when selecting a car maintenance and repair provider). Radiator performance can even be compromised by dirt or debris coating the fins; often a simple cleaning is all that is required.

We are located close to Renton at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A, Kent. Central Avenue Automotive is proud to be as an AAA auto repair center and an ASE certified service center in the Renton area. When you are noticing warning signs in your vehicle, bring your vehicle in for service immediately. We will get you back on the road, with peace of mind, as soon as possible.

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