Best Auto Repair in RentonHave you been looking for the best auto repair in Renton, but remain unsatisfied?  Central Avenue Automotive is located just ten minutes away on major roads.  We are proud to be a trusted and recommended auto repair shop in Kent.  Our competitive prices and skilled and friendly service will keep your vehicle running its best.

Having a properly maintained vehicle is absolutely essential during the winter months.  While vehicle breakdowns are always frustrating and inconvenient and car repair can be expensive, winter breakdowns in extreme temperatures can be dangerous and even life-threatening.  Always carry a winter emergency kit, with items like blankets and non-perishable and calorie dense food, in case you need to spend several hours in your disabled or stranded vehicle. However, it is best to minimize the potential for this situation to occur with winter vehicle maintenance service.

Great winter maintenance service is part of how we provide the best auto repair in Renton. First, we will check your battery for signs of corrosion and check to see if it is properly charged.  Batteries that are beginning to fail often do not start in the extreme cold of winter mornings, and it is best to replace a compromised battery before it fails to start your vehicle at the worst possible time.

Tire pressure is difficult to monitor in the winter.  Often, automated tire pressure monitoring systems activate when properly inflated tires are exposed to very cold temperatures.  The light may remain illuminated for weeks at a time, causing actual serious issues with tire pressure to go unnoticed.  Starting the winter with tires properly inflated by an auto repair shop is essential, but you should still frequently check your tires for damage or visible loss of air.  If you have any concerns, immediately bring your vehicle in for a tire inspection.  Quality all-season tires do well in most winter conditions, but changing to snow tires is also an option.  Regardless of which tire you choose, adequate tread is necessary for your tires to maintain grip in snow and freezing rain.

Antifreeze is an essential component of your car’s winter protection.  Have the level checked and topped off if necessary, and do not forget your windshield washer fluid.  Road salt and other chemicals find their way to your windshield, and you may need to clean your windshield several times a day.   Make sure to ask your auto repair technician the freeze point of the solution — there is nothing worse than cleaning your windshield only to have ice form on it.

Central Avenue Automotive is located at 1514 Central Avenue South, Suite A in Kent.  We often offer affordable auto repair and maintenance services for Renton residents and beyond.; Check our website for the most up to date offers and information.

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