Shocks and Struts Kent WaWear and tear on the suspension of your vehicle can make for a much less comfortable ride and a shorter lifespan for your car, so if you’re looking for a place to repair your shocks and struts in Kent WA, Central Avenue Automotive is here to help. We are a full-coverage, family-owned, ASE Certified auto repair business with no limit to our capacity for vehicle upkeep and repair. We have experienced technicians who know all kinds of vehicles and can recognize the impact the environment might have on your car’s shocks and struts. Suspension repair is a skill we know well, and we can provide excellent service with friendly technicians, reasonable prices, and quality work on your shocks and struts in Kent WA.

If your suspension repair on your vehicle isn’t your only concern, we’re here to help. We offer a huge variety of maintenance services on countless models of cars and all trucks. We cover the interior of the vehicle, including electronics and wiring, air bag repairs, and air conditioning maintenance. We can also care for every other aspect of your vehicle, from wheels and axles to all types of engine repair. We are also a certified vehicle emissions repair facility and can help ensure your automobile is making the least negative impact on the environment possible. We can also do regularly scheduled maintenance services for your vehicle. When looking for a place to test and repair your vehicle’s shocks and struts in Kent WA, come to Central Avenue Automotive. Come in and get your front strut replaced by the experts. We know we can ensure that the auto repair service you receive is the best in the area.

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