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What is the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor?

An ABS wheel speed sensor is a specialized tachometer that’s used in the anti-lock braking system (ABS) to measure the rotation speed of the wheels. The ABS sensor sends the speed of each wheel to the ABS controller, so it can prevent the brakes from locking up in case you need to make a sudden stop. If the wheels are turning at different speeds, the ABS controller will activate the anti-lock feature to help equalize the speeds. Depending on the age of your vehicle, you can have anywhere from one to four ABS sensors. 

On vehicles that have traction control, the wheel speed sensors also detect wheel slippage. If one of the wheels slips, the computer will cause brake pressure to be applied to that wheel to help maintain traction. The sensors also aid electronic stability control by monitoring changes in your vehicle’s speed, steering, momentum, and acceleration. 

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Super nice people, Conner was at the front desk as well as another person but I didn’t catch her name. Both were helpful. The shop couldn’t repair my issue due to the manufacturer requiring specific tools. They did a safety inspection and didn’t charge me for it or for the diagnostics since they couldn’t perform the fix!
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What Happens if an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Fails?

Over time, the ABS wheel speed sensors can become dirty and clogged with dirt, road debris, metallic debris, and brake dust. To prevent the need for ABS speed sensor replacement at our Kent WA shop, it’s important to have your sensors inspected and cleaned at regular intervals. If your sensors are failing, you may notice:

  • Your ABS or traction control light is on 
  • Loss of stability control or traction (especially in slippery conditions)
  • The brake pedal pulsates while braking
  • It takes longer to brake
  • The ABS system doesn’t work
  • Adaptive cruise control and adaptive braking are disabled
  • The transmission won’t shift gears
  • In rare cases, the speedometer may stop working

Since it affects the braking system and other safety features, it’s important to have your wheel speed sensor replaced as soon as possible. Some of these signs can be caused by other issues; we’ll perform thorough diagnostics to ensure your wheel speed sensor is the culprit.

Makes We Service

We offer ABS speed sensor replacement in Kent WA for nearly all makes and models, including:

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