Have a leaky radiator in Kent? Trust Central Avenue Automotive to get it fixed fast and get it fixed right. With our certified and experienced technicians, who are skilled in all types of auto repair, you’ll be in great hands for all your car or truck issues. From simple car maintenance jobs like oil changes and tire rotations to big jobs like engine or radiator work, we’ve got you covered.

As a trusted garage in Kent, we can repair your leaky radiator faster and more affordably than the local dealerships. We strive for honest service and are always committed to your satisfaction. Problems big and small are no problem for us! As soon as something seems wrong with your vehicle, swing on in and let us run the proper diagnostic tests, ensuring we’ll only repair what needs repairing, and nothing more.

Keeping up with your routine car maintenance is the best way to help prevent further vehicle trouble down the road. If you’re behind on oil changes or mileage inspections, or maybe you’ve turned a blind eye to that engine light on your dash, it’s time to pay Central Avenue Automotive a visit. From fixing a leaky radiator to repairing your engine, we’ve got Kent drivers covered bumper to bumper.

Call us today at (253) 854-6762 or request an appointment online and have your car or truck fixed fast. No more wasting days or weeks waiting for the dealerships to squeeze you in. Our service is prompt and affordable, making us the only auto shop in Kent you’ll ever need to trust!

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