If your car has over 60,000 miles or is over five years old, it may be time to have your radiator hoses replaced in Kent WA. Your radiator is your car’s cooling system; as your car’s engine runs it produces a lot of heat. The radiator hoses transport coolant (while coolant is often referred to as antifreeze, it is actually a mixture of antifreeze and water and is commonly red, yellow, or green) through the radiator and back through the engine, bringing the temperature down and allowing the engine to operate at a safe temperature. Another component of the radiator is the radiator belt, which is critical to keeping the radiator fan spinning, which cools the air circulating.

Radiator Hoses Kent WAThe radiator’s job is to keep the engine an optimal level for driving. If the radiator belt breaks or radiator hoses burst in Kent WA, you could find your car overheating. Fortunately there is a professional auto shop nearby that can help you with all your radiator concerns. Central Avenue Automotive’s team are highly trained auto technicians that can handle any issue your radiator might be having. We’ll be happy to install a new radiator hose or belt if needed.

Signs Your Car Needs Radiator Service

Whether you are experiencing an issue with overheating or it’s time for an inspection of your radiator, bring your car or truck into our shop. We will inspect the belt for any noise while driving, overstretch and loss of tautness, and pinholes, bumps, frays, and cracks. These are all signs that your belt needs to be replaced. Our automotive professionals will also look at your radiator hoses in our Kent WA shop. Since the hoses are made of rubber, they are subject to cracking and weakening over time due to the high temperature of the engine compartment. If you think one of your hoses may be leaking – a telltale sign is coolant on your driveway – or your owner’s manual recommends scheduled maintenance, bring your vehicle into Central Ave right away. Without a properly functioning radiator, your engine can overheat and cause severe damage. Keep your car running smoothly with the help of the auto professionals at our shop!