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jeep gladiator with dirt background

One of the best features of the Jeep Gladiator is that it’s fully customizable! From boosting performance to increasing its clearance, there’s a long list of ways to mod it out based on how you like to drive. Looking for mod customization suggestions? We’ve got you covered.

Tires and Wheels

New wheels are one of the easiest ways to customize your Gladiator. You’ll notice a significant improvement in the feel and performance of your vehicle, and when paired with a new set of tires, a bold new look. New tires can also increase your Jeep’s off-roading capability, giving you the freedom to explore more rugged terrain. Keep in mind that swapping out your stock tires for larger tires will cause your speedometer to read inaccurately. We can recalibrate it to read correctly for you. Swapping out stock tires also affects the gear ratio, causing your Jeep to become slower. Not to worry though, we can fix this! We do all kinds of gear ratio changes. The last change to be aware of when modifying tires and wheels is that a larger tire could create rubbing or clearance issues. This can be solved by installing a lift kit or wheel spacers.

Axles and Locking Front Differentials

If you’re looking to substantially increase the strength of your Gladiator’s axles, have us replace yours with chromoly axles. We also offer locking front differentials, which has the benefit of added traction. This makes both front wheels generate full power when the differential is locked up. Normally, the front differential only spins one tire in the front. When you’re able to simply flip a switch from the comfort of sitting in your Gladiator, and double the amount of traction you have, that is pretty awesome and will definitely help you get out of some extreme situations.

Exterior Mods

Exterior modifications give you the best of both worlds: style and utility. Bumpers are a popular modification because not only do they give the Jeep Gladiator a beefier appearance, but they also provide additional protection. You can also swap the stock grill for an entirely different look!

There are also endless options for lighting modifications. Not sure where to start? Our friendly service advisors can help. See a sweet Jeep around town that has what you’re looking for? Snap a photo of it and bring it with you to your appointment. Just like showing your hair stylist the cut or color you’re looking for, your service advisors love inspiration photos too!

Whether or not you have a lift kit, side steps make it much easier to get in and out of the vehicle – plus, you get an extra layer of protection for the sides. If you’d like to go even further with protecting the exterior, there are a variety of other awesome armor upgrades available to make your Gladiator even more rugged.

How’s your cargo space? If you find it a little lacking, you may want to consider installing a roof rack – perfect for their storage capability and adding some additional style. If you regularly carry cargo in the back of your truck, a Tonneau cover is ideal for protection.

We had a customer ask us to install a Tonneau cover right before a cross-country move. Their truck got broken into, but the thieves could not figure out how to open the Tonneau cover. This minimized the amount of valuables that were stolen. Let your service advisor know if you’re interested in one of these high-security Tonneau covers.

Interior Mods

The appearance and functionality of your exterior is important, but let’s face it, you’ll be spending most of your time inside the vehicle. Whether you’re a fan of hitting the dirt or you use your Gladiator as a work truck, it’s easy to track mud and dirt inside. Floor mats and seat covers are the perfect remedies! Many of them can be cleaned easily and they’ll help preserve your vehicle’s value.

Grab handles give you a hand when you’re getting in and out of the truck, and they’re especially useful if you’ve installed a lift kit. They can be found in a variety of complementary colors, giving your interior a nice accent. Storage and cargo bins are also a nice addition, as they help you stay organized and give you plenty of storage space for tools and equipment.

Do you use a GPS to help navigate the roads – or the trails? A portable device mount makes it easy to get where you need to go, hands-free.

Recovery Gear

If you plan to spend any time off-roading, recovery gear like D-rings, recovery straps, winches, and winch accessories are essential. Even if you don’t go off-road, they’re always good to have in case of an emergency.

D-rings are available in different capacities and are generally sold as pairs. They often come with recovery straps as well, which are also rated by towing weight. Both of them are more affordable than a winch, especially if you stay on the pavement.

For avid off-roaders, a winch is a worthwhile investment that allows you to pull yourself or your friends free if you get stuck. There are also a variety of winch accessories, including snatch blocks, shackles, ropes, and rollers available. If you’re equipped with the right recovery gear, you’ll be ready for whatever the road – or trails – throw at you.

Engine Mods

When it comes to modifications, there’s one type everyone can agree on: more power is always a good thing! Engine upgrades can be an excellent way to customize your Jeep Gladiator. Engine upgrades can improve your performance and help you maximize your vehicle’s power. Did someone say super charger? We install those, too!

Cold air intakes are a great way to help improve airflow and increase your engine’s efficiency. They also increase horsepower and torque! Most cold air intakes will work with your factory components, which makes them easy to install, and as a bonus, they look great under the hood.

Planning to go water fording? A snorkel helps protect your engine by drawing air in rather than from below, preventing accidental water intake. It also keeps your air intake free of mud while off-roading.


There’s no question that having good lighting is key for off-roading at night. Animals, bushes, logs – there are many obstacles to avoid out on the trails. If you’d like to add exterior lights, you’ll have endless options. Off-road lights can be mounted almost anywhere on your vehicle and many of them use LEDs, giving you the brightest light output possible.

Light Bars are also an option. These can be mounted to the windshield, hood, or bumper, lighting up the area in front of you for optimal visibility. Plus, they look pretty cool!

Rock lights are also a handy accessory that can give you increased visibility around your vehicle. They’re mounted on the front, back, sides, and underbody, so you can always see exactly where you’re going. Another upgrade you may want to consider is your fog lights. Upgrading the factory fog lights will increase your visibility in hazy conditions like fog, as well as rain and snow.

Exhaust Upgrades

Another thing you may want to consider to customize your Jeep Gladiator is an exhaust upgrade. An aftermarket cat-back exhaust system not only benefits your performance by increasing the air intake – it also gives your vehicle a nice power boost and a more aggressive rumble.

Suspension Upgrades

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a lift kit! From adding just a few inches to as much as half a foot, a lift kit is a must for clearing obstacles out on the trails. Even better, you’ll enjoy better handling, travel, and articulation – plus, what’s not to love about the way a lifted Gladiator looks? There are also shocks and steering stabilizers and a variety of other suspension mods that can enhance your ride quality.


Beyond actual modifications to your Gladiator, there are also a wide variety of accessories that allow you to completely personalize it to your lifestyle and taste. Two-way radios, satellite GPS, CB radios, all help you keep in contact with your buddies when you’re out on the trail. Specially designed refrigeration units can be added to your Jeep for those cold drinks and ice cream. Camping gear, hitches, badges, decals, emblems – you name it, there’s probably a perfect accessory for you.

Make Your Jeep Gladiator Your Own

From new wheels to exhaust and engine mods, there are endless ways to customize your Jeep Gladiator to make it your own. Whether you’d like to keep it simple or you’re planning some more performance-oriented mods, Central Avenue Automotive is here to help! Give us a call at (253) 854-6762 for questions, recommendations, or to request an appointment!