Rats Help You Go Wireless, Not In a Good Way

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Rats Help You Go Wireless

Traitor. Double-Crosser. Snitch. Rats get a bad rap—these are just some of the personality types associated with rats that appear to be more human than rodent. But maybe, just maybe, rats deserve some grief. When you go out to start your car, get nothing but a click, and find out rats ate through your wires?… Read more »

Summer Driving Tips

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As we get into the summer season, temperatures soar, and so do the miles we put on our cars. One of the great American traditions is the family road trip. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that when you’re driving up the North Cascades highway, or you’re on your way to… Read more »

When It’s Time For New Brakes

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Picture this: It’s raining. You’re driving down Kent Kangley and the car in front of you decides at the last minute to turn into the Starbucks (you know the one, right there on East Hill, next to Kent Meridian High School) and your life flashes before your eyes; you realize just how important your brakes are. If you’ve… Read more »

When you bring your vehicle into Central Avenue Automotive…

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When you bring your vehicle into Central Avenue Automotive in Kent, we don’t just poke around under your hood each vehicle receives a thorough comprehensive inspection by an ASE master technician. Central Avenue Automotive technicians have lists and procedures they follow for different types of vehicles.  We use a state of the Art electronic inspection and documentation… Read more »