If you need a gas tank replacement or fuel filler neck replacement in Kent Wa, Central Avenue Automotive is here to help. From car stereos to catalytic converters, thieves are always finding new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting vehicle owners. The latest target? Gas—but using a different method than you might be used to.  

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Rob Marx

The Latest Method of Stealing Gas

In the past, thieves would siphon fuel from gas tanks using a rubber hose. While this created an unpleasant surprise and inconvenience for the vehicle’s owner, it didn’t leave any lasting effects—the driver was simply out the cost of a tank of gas. Siphoning became more difficult over time as more new cars were being manufactured with a part called a rollover valve, located at the opening of the gas tank. The rollover valve is a safety feature that prevents fuel from leaking if a vehicle rolls over; the valve’s blocking mechanism also conveniently acts as a siphoning prevention system. 

To get around the rollover valve, thieves have started stealing gas by drilling a hole directly into the gas tank or the fuel filler neck. If this happens, you’ll need a gas tank replacement or a fuel filler neck replacement—which costs significantly more than a tank of gas. This isn’t a repair you should wait on, either. A leaking gas tank wastes a lot of fuel, and even worse, it’s dangerous to drive. If your gas tank was drilled you may notice fuel underneath your car or the smell of gas, but sometimes the only sign is an empty tank. 

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