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If you’re looking for gas tank replacement in Kent WA, Central Avenue Automotive is here to help. From car stereos to catalytic converters, thieves are always finding new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting vehicle owners. As fuel prices have risen, their latest target is gas–but using a different method than in the past. Whether your gas tank had been damaged by thieves, or it’s suffered corrosion, you can rely on our expert team for fuel tank replacement

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The Latest Method of Stealing Gas

In the past, thieves would siphon fuel from gas tanks using a rubber hose. While this created an unpleasant surprise and inconvenience for the vehicle’s owner, it didn’t leave any lasting effects—the driver was simply out the cost of a tank of gas. Siphoning became more difficult as newer vehicles started being manufactured with rollover valves.

Rollover valves are safety features that are designed to prevent gas from leaking if the vehicle rolls over; they also conveniently act as an anti-siphoning device. To get around the rollover valve, thieves will drill a hole directly into the gas tank or fuel filler neck. The only way to resolve this issue is to get a filler neck or fuel tank replacement. Leaking gas not only leaks fuel–it makes your car dangerous to drive. If your tank was drilled, you may notice gas underneath your car or the smell of gas, but sometimes the only sign is an empty tank. 

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Super nice people, Conner was at the front desk as well as another person but I didn’t catch her name. Both were helpful. The shop couldn’t repair my issue due to the manufacturer requiring specific tools. They did a safety inspection and didn’t charge me for it or for the diagnostics since they couldn’t perform the fix!
Saige Williams

Other Reasons You Might Need a Fuel Tank Replacement

Although it’s rare, there are other reasons you might need a fuel tank replacement

  • Corrosion or rust inside the gas tank
  • Dents or other types of damage
  • Gas leaks from the tank or fuel system
  • Your car has been sitting for a significant period of time

Why Fuel Tank Repairs Should Be Addressed Quickly

Whether your fuel tank has been drilled or it’s sustained another type of damage, it’s very important to have it replaced as soon as possible. 

Fuel is flammable; if it’s leaking, you face a greater risk of vehicle fires. The fumes can also be very harmful to your lungs. In addition, leaking gas may damage other parts or components that it comes into contact with. Even if it’s minor, gas leaks can be costly–and bad for the environment. Not to mention, leaks can cause you to run out of fuel while you’re driving. Stay safe and save yourself the hassle by scheduling an appointment for a fuel tank replacement

Makes We Service

We offer gas tank replacement in Kent WA for nearly all makes and models, including:

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